FAQs about organizing your move

Long distance moving is not easy, but if you work with professional moving companies, things can be managed properly.

FixmyMove.com can help as it is a service created by people with 20 years of experience in the moving business. The list below can help you understand what you need to do in order to keep things as hassle-free as possible.

How do moving companies provide their quotes?

The cost of a move is generally calculated depending on: type of movement (local or long distance), the distance traveled, and the weight and size of the shipment, inventory list of your household goods. All these details matter to the correct price estimate and should be discussed from the beginning. As best practice, all the costs of the move should be explained in detail in the quote provided by a moving company.

It is also very important for you to provide an accurate inventory list to the moving company, because this way you will avoid future unforeseen costs. An experienced and professional moving company should ask all those questions from the start and they should be able to provide any details and answer any questions related to their quote - if they do not do so, then you should probably consider hiring another company.

How long does it take and how many people are needed for a move?

Each home move is unique, and the relocation conditions are not standard. A moving company will analyze the type of move and what this involves, and then they will make an estimate of the hours and the number of people that will be needed in the process. Depending on the location, how many objects will be moved and how many items require packing and unpacking. That's why it's very important to provide an accurate inventory to the moving company providing you with a moving quote.

Can I get packing supplies from moving companies as well?

Yes of course! It is often an additional service they offer, given their real need to have access to a wide variety of packaging materials used in this industry. The packing materials they provide include various types of packs and boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap and many other packaging products. Not only do they sell, but also provide advice on what types of packing materials you need depending on what is to be relocated.

Are packing costs usually included in the moving quote?

As a standard, no, but most companies cover this aspect as well. In order to be time & cost effective, this requirement should be discussed from the beginning so that the packing costs are included in the quote if needed. The same applies to packing materials as these will be quoted as a separate item as well and only the materials used during your move will be charged.

Do they handle large items only? Am I allowed to pre-pack my household goods?

Yes, you can pre-pack your goods and have the company load the boxes and large furniture only. Still, keep in mind that most companies will not accept the liability on owner packed boxes. Therefore we suggest handling yourself the move of any boxes packed by you that are sensitive in nature or fragile.

What happens in case of damage or loss? do companies offer any insurance?

Most professional moving companies are 100% insured and they should be able to offer you protection for your goods. FixmyMove.com only works with licensed and insured moving companies. Ask for a quote through our platform - see the form on the right hand side of this page - and we will only provide quotes from professional companies.