How to choose the BEST moving company for your move

We are here to help, so we have put together a number of helpful tips that can help you choose the right moving company:

Do ask for at least 3 moving quotes

In order to choose the best offer for your move, you need to make a prior market analysis and ask for estimates. Not one, but more. Request at least 3 estimates to see the cost per move. Only then can you decide between companies according to the quality / price ratio. can help you by providing multiple estimates from various moving companies.

Provide an accurate moving inventory

A truly professional company will ask for an accurate inventory of the items that are going to be moved and they need your support in this matter as well.

Make sure you provide the company a detailed inventory that includes ALL your household goods, otherwise the price to pay is going to increase. The costs are calculated based on the total volume of all items in the inventory. It's in your best interest to provide an accurate inventory because this way your moving quote will be accurate as well.

Choose the company by reputation as well, not just based on price

A professional moving company can be recognized by having its own equipment, moving trucks and offering you a wide range of additional services including packing services and materials, asset management services, and also guidance throughout the process, answering every question you might have.

At the same time, a professional moving company will have field trust teams that will always arrive in time and provide an estimate of time and budget as accurately as possible.

ONLY Choose a licensed and insured company

Nothing could be more unpleasant than working with a company that will not give you confidence when it comes to your assets. Therefore, when you wish to choose a moving company, make sure it has a license and that is insured so that if your assets gets damaged or lost, the company can cover and refund the full value. provides moving quotes exclusively from licensed and insured companies.

How do you do that? You can check the company’s credentials on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Here you can find a list of all authorized movers and you can request a DOT (Department of Transportation) number that serves as a license for the company.

If you want to file a complaint, you will need to know this DOT number. Make sure you are safe and the company is legitimate before you start working with them.

What the world says: testimonials, reviews and complaints

Before you make the final decision, make another research in order to find out what former clients say about their service quality. From reviews to complaint, letters of recommendation or great testimonials, take into account every piece of precious information you might get. Do some background check-ing.

Last but not least, you might consider looking for recommendations from trusted people as well

When you start looking for a suitable moving company begin by looking for information from friends, family, acquaintances and less on the Internet. Whatever information you find on search engines, they cannot be as valuable as the recommendations you receive from people who used those services before. Their opinion is a bonus in the situation when you are looking for a good moving company and you do not know which one to choose.