Moving to a new home isn’t just stressful for homeowners; moving companies have to go through the wringer as well. The laborious work of transporting your belongings and heavy furniture is no joke! And while they make it look easy because of their years of experience and quality services, that doesn’t mean they don’t face challenges on the daily.

Here are some of the most common challenges moving companies deal with:

Every booking is a new experience

No two bookings are the same. Some clients have a ton of belongings, others may have fragile items that need transportation, while even others have big appliances or furniture pieces to move.

Another factor that separates each client is their location. Moving heavy furniture and boxes from one apartment to another is challenging. Moving technicians have to maneuver through narrow passageways to move out furniture while ensuring that no damage is sustained.

Have you ever wondered why moving companies require an exact location? It’s to take into account the time and effort that will be required. As a result, you’ll end up paying a higher fee for moving your belongings if more labor or time will be needed .

Elevators aren’t always a blessing

Most people think that moving companies can just use the elevator to make the move easier on them. In reality, elevators are made for people, not heavy furniture and appliances. Certain appliances and furniture pieces are just too big to fit in an elevator. Moving technicians have to resort to using the stairs in these cases, so the higher up you live, the more difficult the job.

Safely transporting every single belonging

Moving fragile items requires a lot of care, especially if clients have packed their belongings themselves. Moving technicians can’t rely on the fact that clients have correctly packed every single item and hence have to be careful with every box they transport. Even the slightest knock can cause substantial damage.

Moving expenses

Long distance moving is generally much more expensive than a local move. Clients often don’t understand the costs that a moving company has to incur to get their belongings to their new home in a new city. Client’s belongings are transported in trucks and so fuel, wages, toll taxes, insurance, etc. have to be covered by the client as well as some profit for the company.

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