Nearly 85 million households in the United States have pets. For most of these households, their pets are a big part of the family and, hence, a big part of any local or long distance moves. If you’ve never moved houses with your pet before, there’s no need to worry. Our guide has you covered:

Have a word with your vet

The first step before you make moving arrangements is to check with your vet. Vets have all the information you need on the vaccination requirements of the new state you’re moving to.

If your pet takes any medication regularly, your vet can prescribe two or three weeks worth of medication to cover the moving process and allow you some time to settle in. You can then look for another vet in the state you’ve moved to. Most vets are able to help you find a reliable clinic in other states. You could request them to transfer medical records of your pet, just to be on the safe side.

Is sedation a must?

Animal owners often have their pets sedated before a long distance move. Before you make this decision, you’ll need to get an ‘all clear’ from your vet. Vets assess pets to see if they’re healthy enough to be sedated. Then an oral tranquillizer is prescribed to be taken every few hours.

Follow the vet’s instructions on sedation to a T.  Tranquilizers are prescribed after taking into account a pet’s height, weight, age, and breed. If you’re not sure about tranquilizers, you can ask your vet for some natural sedatives instead.


Microchipping is a must when you’re traveling or moving to a new home with a pet. Pets can escape during a move and go missing. Having them microchipped makes it easier to locate them.

Microchipping can be done by your vet. It’s an inexpensive procedure and is safe. You can take your pet in for microchipping during a brief appointment. Always keep a copy of the microchip number on you!

Get a comfortable carrier

Buy a kennel or pet carrier that is comfortable for your pet. These carriers should have enough space for your pet so that they travel in ease and don’t experience any discomfort. Buy a carrier much in advance so that your pet can get used to it.

Moving is stressful for animals. They don’t know what is going on and may get aggressive because they’re afraid of getting hurt.

Secure the carrier in place so that it doesn’t fall out during the drive. Also make sure no items are placed on top of the carrier which could potentially restrict the airflow.

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