According to a survey, the average moves around 11 times in their life. People move for different reasons such as for their job, college, and better quality of life. But did you know that one of the most difficult things about moving is packing up your kitchen?

This is because you have to wait until the very last day to finish packing your kitchen as you need utensils to cook. Kitchen glassware and appliances are fragile and expensive so you have to pack them carefully.

To help pack up your kitchen, we have listed some tips below so you can avoid damage during your move:

Sort out items in your kitchen

While you’ll be using some kitchen items till you move, there are a few things that you won’t need. Sort out all the items into essential and non-essential categories.

Pack all the non-essential items first like the fancy dinner sets and utensils that you use during a party only. Separate the essential items and keep them to a minimum. For example, at most your family will need plates, spoons, bowls, glasses, and cups for meals and pans, knives, and the cutting board for cooking. If you’re a coffee lover, don’t pack your coffee maker until the end. Don’t forget to keep some cleaning materials in the essential items.

Wrap all the fragile items with packing sheet or bubble wrap and place them in secure cardboard boxes and store them away safely.

Use original boxes for appliances

You can’t pack appliances like plates and glasses because they’re unique in shapes and sizes so it’s best to use their original packaging. Make sure they’re dry and clean before you pack them. Remove the fragile pieces from appliances and pack them separately. Secure all the appliances with tape.

Manage your pantry

Don’t leave your pantry for the last day. Check the expiry date of all the items and discard the expired ones. Separate the items that you’ll need and organize them in smaller boxes. For example, you can put small quantities of spices and seasonings that you need for cooking in separate containers and pack the large boxes and bottles. You can also donate unused edibles that you don’t plan to take with you to a charity.

Don’t forget your cookbooks

Cookbooks are heavy and can be torn during moving out. So find a small, sturdy box for your cookbooks and place them flat so the edges aren’t bent and avoid overloading the boxes so it’s easier to carry them.

Source: Freepik

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