Moving isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort and can disrupt your life. You have your job, your kids’ school, and your social life that you wouldn’t want to compromise and that’s the biggest challenge: to pack in a way that doesn’t disturb your routine.

We have a solution for it. Pack early and avoid last-minute troubles! Starting early will help you get organized and reduce moving stress.

We’ll walk you through some tips of packing early:

Make a packing plan

Your packing plan will depend on how early you start packing. For example, if you have a couple of months, you can conduct garage sales to sell the items you won’t need. But if you have 2 weeks only and you can’t do a garage sale, you’ll have to discard things that are no longer of use.

It’s best that you start at least 2 months prior to your move-out date so you have ample time to manage everything. Make a list of all the items that you plan to take with you and categorize them. Make a checklist of things you need to do and ask your family and friends who are willing to help you pack and share your plan with them.

Get the packing supplies

Moving is expensive. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, moving between states can cost $5360 on an average so save money where ever you can. Once you have a plan, you should buy packing supplies.

Keep an eye out for sales so you can get good deals because you’ll need a lot of packing supplies. Ask people around you if they have packing material that they don’t need or you can check Craigslist for free or cheap packing items.

Pack non-essential items first

It’s highly likely that you won’t need your fancy China and other dishes that you rarely use so start packing with them. Next, you can pack your out-of-season and fancy clothes that you won’t need in your present home. Other non-essential items include wall hangings, paintings, décor pieces, and books that you’ve already read.

Dedicate a space in your home for packing

If you leave all the boxes lying around, they’ll make packing more difficult for you, so specify a space like a storage room where you can keep the packing supplies and store the boxes. Label the boxes as you pack them and place them in an organized manner so if you need anything from those boxes, they’re easily accessible.

Find a professional moving company

If you start looking for a professional moving company early, you’ll have enough time to research the best companies in your area within your budget. You can tell them about your moving plan and pack accordingly. Some companies offer packing services that make the process easier and more convenient.

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