You’re all excited to move to your new home. You pack all your belongings, set a moving date, and move to your dream home. You want to decorate it the way you’ve always imagined. You packed all your memories from your previous home to integrate them into your home décor. You start unpacking the boxes and reach out for your favorite vase to place it as a centerpiece in your living room. But as soon as you open the box, you find out that it’s broken.

It’s heartbreaking when your favorite items are damaged during the moving process. To help you save all your fragile items, we have enlisted 4 steps below:

Identify the fragile items

The first step is to identify all the fragile items and make a list so you don’t miss any while packing. Make separate lists for items from different portions in your home. Like all fragile items in your kitchen including glassware like plates, jars, glasses and cups should go together.

If you collect antiques and paintings, keep them in the same list. Your décor pieces like lamps, vases, and souvenirs can be on the same list. Don’t forget to enlist all the picture frames and mirrors. Finally, all your electronics like video games, laptops, TV, audio system, and tablets will go on one list.

Get the packing materials

You’ll need additional supplies for packing the fragile items. Make sure the boxes you get are sturdy and thick. You can get these boxes from your grocery store because they usually have plenty of spare boxes that they give out for free or you can ask your friends and family who have recently moved. Get enough bubble wrap, old newspapers and lots of tape.

Pack smartly and label the boxes

Pack electronics in their original boxes first and then place them in the carton so you don’t forget any wires or accessories with them.

Wrap the glassware and décor pieces in newspaper and bubble wrap each item separately and secure them with tape. Use cardboard dividers for packing cups, glass, and jars. Bubble wrap mirrors, paintings, and photo frames and place them in separate boxes before keeping them in the cardboard boxes. You can keep pillows inside each box on the top of items to give them extra protection.

Label all the boxes and write ‘FRAGILE’ on them so the movers can load and transport them safely.

Hire professionals to pack and move

The safest way is to have all the fragile items packed and transported by professionals. Many professional moving companies offer packing services where experts pack and manage your items and safely transport them to your new location.

Moving is stressful; in fact, according to 23% of Americans, it’s even more stressful than planning a wedding.

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