Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Moving is expensive. We all know it. But when life calls for change, you’ve got to get going. If you’re planning a long distance move then hiring professional movers will be your best bet.

Professional movers can surely reduce your burdens but they could ride up the costs too. However, there are a few tricks that can bring down the costs for your move. Just follow our lead.

Where are you going?

The first question that you need to answer is to figure out how far away you’re moving from your current destination? Moving companies normally charge based on the distance and the load of the shipment items for long distance moves. Prices vary based on the state you live in and the local moving company you’ve sought. A rough calculation would be to estimate half a dollar for each pound that’s moved to a distance of 200 miles. To receive a more accurate estimate, get a free online moving quote here.

What are you moving?

As mentioned, the number of household items you get shipped will affect the final price you’ll be paying. A rule of thumb is to gauge the size and weight of the items you’re moving. This is because the moving company will have to use its fancy moving equipment to lift and shift all your heavy furniture and appliances. Bigger items also mean a larger transport vehicle will have to be brought in for moving.

To give you a ballpark figure, an average two-bedroom household has stuff weighing around 6000 pounds. But only a professional moving company can confirm the rates to you.

When are you going?

Most movers overlook the importance of time and weather when it comes to moving costs. Moving out during peak summer season means you’ll have to pay higher costs since moving companies increase their rates around this time.

The trick is to avoid moving at a time when everyone else is moving. Plan your calendar for fall or spring season. Likewise, moving during the start or middle of the month is a good idea. You might even have to pay less if the moving day falls on a weekday.


The cost to hire professional movers depends on several factors like your location and time of moving. There’s probably no one way of knowing the exact costs unless you get some moving quotes. Log onto our website and easily get quotes for a long distance moving project. We’ll help you find the most affordable moving companies in Dallas, TX.