Finding yourself the right moving company and having them arrive at your doorstep is just one of the many things that you’ll have to do for a successful move. In reality, the moving process begins long before you actually begin moving.

That’s right. You’ll have to prepare your home for the movers and make some small adjustments so you don’t have to deal with a headache on moving day. There are lots of things you can do to speed up the moving process and minimize the risk of any damages. Let’s go over some simple ideas you can consider.

De-clutter Your Home

The first thing you need to do is to sort out the things you don’t need or want to keep with you any longer. Trust us, you’ll find plenty of items you’d want to throw away. A better idea is to donate them. Or maybe hold a garage sale and make some nice cash with that? The point remains; you should only keep those things in the house that will be packed and moved by the moving company so they don’t get confused about what to leave out.

Get Insurance

Find a reliable insurance plan that works for you. There’s a greater risk of damage and loss during the shifting process so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get extra insurance. Also, work out the terms and conditions on goods protection with your selected moving company. We suggest working with insured movers only. You can get free moving quotes here.

Prepare an Inventory

An inventory list will take a chunk of your problems away before the moving crew arrives. Make a list of all the things that need to be moved and feel free to add some description details as proof—just in case they’re lost or damaged.

Pre-Package and Label

A professional moving company is a blessing but you can’t just let anyone access your personal belongings! Prepare a box of personal items that the movers don’t have access to. Put your jewelry, personal documents, and electronic items in a box and label it.

Likewise, take the stress out of worrying over losing small or fragile items. If there’s a souvenir you want to keep safe, prepackage it and set it aside. When the movers arrive, let them handle all the heavy duty stuff.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

If you have young children or pets in your house, it’s best to have them stay at a relative’s until the moving process is finished. Dogs tend to get frightened by loud noises and are uneasy when strangers walk into the house. And school going children will probably do best without all the distraction.

The moving process doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you. If you’re planning a long distance move, you can count on us to find you an affordable moving company in Dallas, TX. Give us a call at (800) 611-9622 or visit our website and get your free moving quote now!