You’ve decided to take the plunge and hire professional movers to help you. Great decision! Moving can be an overwhelming process and getting professional help will definitely ease the burden. A good moving company will take care of everything from packaging your belongings to safely transporting them to your desired location.

If this is the first time you’re hiring a professional moving company and don’t know what to expect, allow us to explain. We’ll run you over some basic things you should keep in mind so that your move ends up being as stress-free as possible!

Make Sure They’re Organized and Punctual

A good moving company will ensure its movers follow a set schedule and calendar. Their job is to honor any commitments they’ve made to you regarding their services.

Usually, the moving vehicle’s driver is going to act like the team leader and will present you with some paperwork regarding their services and fees. Read everything carefully! The terms and conditions of your moving contract will determine the kind of services you can expect and the price range. We suggest you get an online moving quote here, just to stay ahead of the game.

Make an Inventory List

Even if you’ve pre-decided the inventory and communicated it to the moving company, it’s best to go over things once more in person. When the moving crew shows up at your house, go over the list of items that need to be moved out and the ones that need to be left behind.

Explain everything clearly to them. Movers are supposed to follow the instructions on the inventory list because they’ll be charging you for all the heavy lifting and moving they’ll be doing for you.

Make Sure They Follow Safety Measures

One of the key reasons why we hire professional movers is because we expect them to take care of our goods and property.

Your choice of moving company should have necessary equipment including lifting forks, dollies and stair climbers for safely transporting heavy furniture and appliances in and out of the house. Also, movers should take care of the walls, flooring and stairway banisters don’t get scraped during the process. Most likely, they’ll line them with thick plastic sheets or cardboard.

Packing and Loading

If a packing service is included in your moving contract, the crew will bring in boxes of various sizes to pack up your belongings. This service is especially useful for fragile items that need to be stacked and aligned in a certain way.

Fair warning though, you’ll have a handful of people running around your house packing all your valuables into boxes but it’s ultimately your responsibility to monitor the process to make sure nothing is left behind.

Once all your items are packed, they’ll be placed safely in the back of a moving van or truck. The pros will know how to place everything so it doesn’t get damaged during the transportation process.

Usually, the moving process ends once all items have been delivered to your new home. You’ll be handed a bill of lading and some final paperwork. Check your inventory list and inspect if all items are in good condition. If you liked the moving company’s service, feel free to tip them!

You can always request the company to unload the boxes and place them in the respective rooms in your new house. You’ll probably have to speak to the company beforehand for this.


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