According to a report, moving was ranked as the most stressful experience you can go through by 61% of participants. The most common reason given was misplaced or damaged possessions while moving.

Moving anywhere, especially long distance, is a very serious procedure. Not only do you have to adapt to the biggest change of your life, but you are also expected to pack up all your possessions and ship them to your new home safe and sound.

This is why it’s important to have an inventory checklist!

What to include in the checklist:

We would recommend you document each item by writing its name and condition and also taking its photograph. You can make the checklist in a notebook or on your smartphone. Just make sure you have a backup in case you accidentally misplace the original. Make separate columns to record the estimated value, current condition, and its location in the house. For example;

Name Value Condition Location Other info
Grandfather clock $3500 Antique cherry, mint condition Den Has a scratch on the upper right corner


Make duplicate copies of vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance papers, etc. Keep them with you rather than sending them with your other personal belongings, as they’re extremely difficult to replace.

Make a video record:

Another easy and fun way to create an inventory list is by making a video. Go around the house while speaking into the microphone about each item and its value. Try to capture any previous defects or marks. You can save the video on the cloud and you won’t have to worry about losing it during the move.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Inventory List:

Creating a list of all the things you own can seem like a daunting task. But trust us, the advantages are worth it. Here is a list of reasons why creating an inventory list is time and energy well-invested;

  • Helps create a record of all your possessions and makes it easier to calculate the shipping costs.
  • Helps in estimating the required packing supplies for all your belongings.
  • Makes it easier for movers to provide you with an exact quote for moving costs.
  • Helps identify the items that will be covered by insurance.
  • Helps you figure out the things you should take and the things you should leave behind/donate/sell.
  • Reveals whether any item has been misplaced or damaged during the moving process.
  • Helps avoid disputes with the moving company by cross-referencing the list with damaged or misplaced items when settling claims.

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