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Going with turned out to be a great experience, it was like expedia for movers. I was contacted by 3 companies and had the opportunity to decide on the best move for me.

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Great customer service, made the process much easier for us. We were able to select a mover and book on the same day. Come moving day all went okay (moving is never completely painless), it saved us time.

Joanne S, Arizona

Saved a bundle compared to the quote mayflower gave me! This service saved me over 5k from the ridiculous quote mayflower gave me, and even set me up with a mover for my car. Just call them, it's worth it!

Carl T, Nevada

I had to relocate last minute for my job from NY to AZ, not a short move by any means. I saw an ad for and was a bit unsure, but they did find me a mover at a very fair price.

Amanda R, New York

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Prepare for your long distance move with moving & packing tips from some of our top moving companies

Fix My Move works with professional long distance moving companies to offer affordable rates for cross country relocation. We’re a collection of long distance residential movers who will transport your belongings to your new homes.

With 20+ years of experience in long distance transportation, our logistics operations make sure that your belongings are delivered in a timely manner. All of our local vendors are licensed and insured to avoid any risk of damage to your possessions. When you sign on with one of our long distance movers, you can be sure that you will get your things back safe and sound.

We will also help you pack and manage your belongings in moving boxes before you ship them out to your new homes. Get in touch with us today for more information on our operations in Dallas, Texas or to get instant quotes for our mover services for free.

Only one room items in a box

Pack the same room in one or more boxes. The boxes should contain items from that room only. Mixing objects from different rooms will only make the unpacking much more difficult and time consuming.

Use labeled boxes

Make unpacking easy by using labels on the boxes so you know which room the box belongs and what objects are found in it. Use color code labels. That will make things easier and add a bit more fun :)

Plastic wrap your furniture

Before packing the furniture, be careful to remove all heavy objects that can break easily. Pack everything in plastic foil to keep the locker drawers and their doors closed. In addition, you can leave the content there if it's not fragile or delicate.

Travel light, clean-up first

Now that you are moving it's the perfect time to see what can be donated or what can be discarded altogether! That will make your move lighter in terms of budget as well. After all, why carry all the unnecessary things and also pay more?